Favorite Things

As a makeup artist I have a lot of  what I consider my GO-TO items!

I have blogged about a few of them. But I just wanted to have this page here for you so you know what I use most of the time in order to create a beautiful flawless Face!

These are just a few of my fav items. I will always update! Because as a makeup artist it is also our job to search for new and improved products!

If you have any questions or comments on what I use, please feel free to leave it here! I love hearing from you all! Oh and please feel free to let me in on any of YOUR go-to products! I’d love to know what you all use everyday on your beautiful faces!

Derma Color (foundation/concealer)


Skindinavia Makeup Finish Spray

Julie Hewett Organic Camellia Lip Balm

Beauty Blender

Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Mac Eyeshadow Brush #239

Mac Eyeshadow Brush #239


  1. Looking for a natural looking glow. Can you suggest something. I did find a product called mehron bronzer on you site, but I’m not sure if its good for every skin type. Also, as I age, I noticed that I need to put moisture back into my skin. Please advise.


  2. I LOVE the beauty blender! Haven’t tried any UD eyeshadows yet, but I should!

  3. girl, this is cute! wanted to send love and kisses. Keep up the great work! Fierce- JoAnn- of ysl

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