Posted by: raedawnj | June 13, 2013

Citrus Clear- The ALL NATURAL Approach To Skin Care

HI guys,

I’m back with a review on an AMAZING all naturally based and eco-friendly skin care line!

Cirus clear is taking a holistic approach to aiding in helping you put your best face forward.

CitrusClear are organic and chemical free products that work!!!! The reason their products are so awesome and really treat your skin effectivlly and naturally is because they EXTRACT ingrediants from their natural source! AND they use the most natural form of extraction called COLD PRESS, which in a nut shell means grinding nuts, seeds, fruits or vegetables (depending on the oil being made) into a paste. Then an oil stone or other tool is used to press the paste which forces the oil to separate out. SOOOO you are getting the best ingrediants put directly into a bottle.

ImageI’ve been using Gentle Cleanser(Natural Tahitian Lime), Grapefruit Acne Spot Treatment, Tangerine Tingle, and Sensitive Moisturizer for over 2 months now. My favorite products and MUST haves are the Gentle Cleanser(Natural Tahitian Lime), and the Grapefruit Acne Treatment!!!!!


Okay so we all have or have had that nasty white head pimple, the one that you can feel growing as you speak. Well I used the grapefruit acne spot treatment on a pimple I had one night and the very next morning it was pretty much done-zo, obsolete, it was GONE! I couldn’t believe that that ugly pimple on my chin was now a thing of the past hehehe!

Proof of what this product did for me below!



For all those looking, seeking, and or wanting that skin care that’s best for their skin must give Citrus Clear a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Tell them I sent you over 🙂



  1. What do you think of the acne wash, why did you prefer the Gentle Cleanser(Natural Tahitian Lime) over the Acne wash?

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