Posted by: raedawnj | June 5, 2013

Lash Stacking


Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since we last spoke, but I’m here today with something for your reading pleasure; and it has to do with the wonderful world of false lashes.

Everyone knows lashes add that certain special compliment to any eye look, and by themselves they are stunning. But we also all know that not all lashes are made the same so it might be a little hard to find the right ones for you.

Lashes are made to do very different things such as give you volume, thickness, length, etc… Now, what would happen if you innovated the makeup world and just so happened to stick two completely different lashes together and put them on as if they were one? This is called stacking. That’s right, you literally just stack two different lashes of your choosing on top of one another and use it as though it were one lash. It’s genius, isn’t it?

This trend is sweeping the nation and it’s cool because you can customize your own lashes. If you’re looking for volume and length, you got it. If you’re looking for lots of fullness, you got it. There are so many endless possibilities when stacking lashes that you’ll never get bored. And what’s more important is since they are so customizable, you’ll never have to worry about someone wearing the same pair as you (like that girl who wore the same top as you in high school).

So my darlings, go out into the wonderful world of lashes and start mixing and matching. Create your own pair and give them a cool name. Because we all like to name things, right?

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