Posted by: raedawnj | April 11, 2013

Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

So for the final installment of these spring trends is, last but not least, makeup trends!

Matte skin is out! Dewy foundation that gives you a fresh looking and youthful face is all the rage for spring and summer 2013.

Since your foundation is one of the main focuses of a full-­‐face regimen, you want to have it as flawless as possible. At the end of the day you want your skin to still look like skin, right? So this season try out a dewy foundation if you haven’t already and give your face that extra radiance it deserves.



What is spring without color? Along with dewy skin, bright pops of color are appearing everywhere. A very neutral eye with a pop of color in the inner corner or on the lower lash line is very popular and an easy way to stray away from that usual smoky eye.




Bright colored eyeliners are also becoming very popular. Blue and green hues of eyeliner help put an effortless bit of intrigue to a simple eye look.



Anastasia Beverly Hills has also just released a cool new way to put a twist on your eyes with hypercolor mascara and brow tint. These tints are extremely pigmented and can be used to brighten up your lashes and brows (if you’re into that sort of thing). This will surely help you stand out in a crowd. These hypercolors also come in pressed powders for your hair!


Until next time, have a fabulous week lovelies!



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