Posted by: raedawnj | June 22, 2012

On Set for A Lil Hip Hop & R&B

About two weeks ago I was asked to groom John Legend for his press tour for his show DUETS. John was such a cool, laid back, and obviously handsome guy. And in the same day I was asked to also groom Pharrell Williams. Have I told you I LOVE my job?!

So when anyone sits in my chair(especially celebrities) I always ask how they like things to look. Because John Legend and other celebrities are always in front of the camera, they pretty much know what they like and don’t like. I always want my clients to feel comfortable with anything I’m doing.

John has such AMAZING skin! So I only put a little anti shine gel on his skin, to keep down shine obviously. That’s it, keep it simple!

As for Pharrell, he was on set for Wiz Khaliefa’s music video. Pharrell had to be on set to film his part in the video. Well, for most men the only thing they want/need is to keep the shine off of their face. I sat waiting to pat down Pharrell, it didn’t happen. He didn’t need my services lol. BUT I was sure to snap a picture with him and Wiz! And of course they were both cool as all hell 😁lol.
Take a look:





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