Posted by: raedawnj | May 22, 2012

ORGLAMIC beauty event

I have had my company ORGLAMIC beauty since 2009. No its not a cosmetic line…at least not yet! But it is a company that educates women on health and beauty through workshops, gives back to the community, and more!!

I had my 1st ORGLAMIC beauty event in February 2009. Well, I thought it was time that I celebrate all the new things my company has been doing since then . So I got my friend and colleague Brandalyn Fulton to come on board!! Together with the assistance of my sister and blogger Ms. True Happiness, we began planning An ORGLAMIC Approach To True Happiness”.

Our goal was to celebrate women empowerment through health, beauty, and taking a lead in the community, but also reckognizing women making positive moves in the beauty and entertainment world. National Women’s Health Week partnered with us to make this an even greater success!!

Women from all industries were invited to attend our event to feel uplifted and empowered. We honored Greenhope Services for Women, Malikha Mallette host of power 105.1 in the afternoon, and Amanda Seales, dj, tv personality, and painter/artist. Both Malikha and Amanda, in my opinion, are power players who hold their own and are making positive moves with in the community!

Take a look at some of my favorite moments/images from the ORGLAMIC beauty event!

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