Posted by: raedawnj | May 21, 2012

Mixed Chicks New Products


Mixed Chicks helps me rock my natural curl

I’ve been away a bit longer than anticipated!

Well I had the opportunity to attend an intimate lunch-in with the ladies of Mixed Chicks, Kim and Wendy, thanks to my sis Ms.True Happiness.

They launched a lot of amazing products!! If any of you know me, I rock my hair natural a lot during summer months, and Mixed Chicks is always my saving grace!

The room where the event was set up was so cute! Each table was set up and named so appropriately! There was the “bountiful curls bar”, “effortless waves bar”, “sleek & cheek bar”, “mixed chick kids”, and “his mix”.

I don’t think you all are ready for all Mixed Chicks launched!! Antioxidant soaps, mixed chicks flat iron & straightening serum, hair care for men, children, and even cute dolls which have beautiful curly hair!! What a great way to help show your child to appreciate their beautiful curls!!

Let’s not forget what Mixed Chicks is known for… their leave-in conditioner!!! And if you didn’t know(I didn’t) they now have sulfate free shampoo!!! And if you haven’t tried their DEEP conditioner… You MUST!! It’s a product that feels so good when you put it on your hair and makes the hair incredibly soft!! One of my fav products hands down!

Well check out pictures from the event. I also added a shot of me with my hair straight, I used the new mixed chick straightening serum. What do you think??

Take a look at all the products below.









Ms. True Happiness(my sis) and I having fun!


Wendy, Ms.True Happiness, Myself, Kim, and Mixed Chicks hair care specialist Traci


Blew out my hair with Mixed Chicks straightening serum!

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