Posted by: raedawnj | April 16, 2012

Kevin James Bennett & [R]evolution

Royal and Langnickel launched their new line of brushes last Wednesday April 11th. Myself and fellow makeup artist Meagan Hester were invited to be the 1st makeup artist to use the brushes by giving makeup touch ups to guest during the event.

The visionary who partnered with the company is my lover boy, lol, and Emmy Award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett(he is wonderful).

The 32 brushes are an amazing line that are not your ordinary set of synthetic brushes. Each brush head is made of DuPont Natrafil fibers, which mimic the performance and feel of the finest natural hair. These mimic the feel of natural hair, no more hard, crunchy brushes.
Kevin also knows the wear and tear that brushes go through while in the hands and kits of a makeup artist. The handles are made of molded, high impact acrylic and coated in rubberized soft touch for added comfort and grip. And let me tell you, these brushes feel very nice in your hand! “Wooden brush handles expand, contract and warp when continually exposed to moisture, causing brush heads to loosen and sometimes detach. The acrylic handles are impervious to water damage and fused to the non-corrosive, nickel plated, solid brass ferrule. These important extra steps insure that the brush head assembly will not loosen or detach, even if soaked in water or brush cleanser. The “soft touch” coating on the acrylic handles give [R]evolution™ brushes a sensual, modern look and make them extremely comfortable to hold and use.”

I honestly and truly believe that these brushes are the next best thing since the beauty blender sponge. I know it is isn’t realistic for most to own 32 brushes. Sooo I have taken pictures of 3 of my fav brushes from the line that I think are great to have in your makeup bag.

I also have pics from the event! Enjoy!


The beautiful Leyna and I

Rebekah aka @WritingRebe and myself


  1. LOOOOVE THIS POST! LOVE THOSE BRUSHES! And even more.. LOVE Kevin James Bennett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brushes are great! And Kevin is even better 🙂

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