Posted by: raedawnj | March 28, 2012

Pretty in coral


I love doing my nails! It’s a stress reliever for me. And it’s fun to accessorize and create art on your nails.

So get this I used OPI “don’t touch my tutu” on ring fingers and Dior umm well it says on the bottoms of the bottle “558” on the rest of my nails. I used a thin brush like you see pictured. Not the thick brush, I have them side by side so you can see the difference in sizes. I used the thin brush and dipped in black polish to give me those stripes, I didn’t drag the line to the end of my nail. I dragged it and flicked up, that created the pointy edge. Then I took my pointy wooden stick(not pictured) and dipped into my clear nail polish. I then pick up my rhinestone and place it on the nail. And I do that with all the rhinestones. Finally I add my clear top coat to finish my nails off.

For those of you asking, I didn’t use a base coat. I never do, I guess that’s because I don’t have any lol. One day I’ll buy some, but my nail polish last just as long. So I haven’t seen the need to go out and fetch some.

Happy painting !! Xo





  1. Ok I need you to personally design my ring finger art to say “place ring here” 😉

    • Haha!! I love that idea!! I may just do that, take pics ,and show you what I created 🙂

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