Posted by: raedawnj | March 2, 2012

OrGLAMic Beauty Workshop

This week kicked off the OrGLAMic Beauty Workshop’s. My co-partner and friend Brandalyn Fulton is my right hand woman in this project.
Together Brandalyn and I are determined to educate girls and women on proper skin care, correct makeup application, and most importantly reminding these women to carry themselves with confidence at all times!

We recently visited the young girls at middle school PS 61 in Brooklyn, NY on Wednesday. I know you may be thinking that is too young to teach makeup techniques etc. Well it’s never to early to teach these young girls confidence and helping them find what makes them beautiful, inside and out. Teaching these girls now the correct way to care for their skin is important, better to have all the right tools now. So as they get older they can always reference back to “I remember when” I know I sure do!!!!

Thursday we visited the women of Greenhope. Greenhope is a comprehensive residential treatment program for formerly incarcerated women. The goal of OrGLAMic Beauty here is to guide these women to looking and feeling good while getting back into the work force.

We have a series of 3 separate workshops for these women. We kicked off our workshop Thursday by introduction of who we are as artist and getting to know the ladies one on one and finding out what their skin care concerns are. We have two more workshops with these women, showing them the do’s and dont’s of skin care and makeup application. We are supplying these women with kits that have the essentials to get them going.

Brandalyn and I would like to thank CMM PR for being so gracious by supplying us with the skin care VICHY.
VICHY is an amazing & affordable skin care line based out of France. Vichy is sold in all Duane Reade and local drug stores near you. So VICHY kicked off the OrGLAMic Beauty workshop.
We are going to be providing the women with other basics as well, such as cosmetics, and the tools to apply.

Brandalyn and I are so excited about helping the women and girls in and around our communities. As women we must stick together and build each other up, NEVER tearing each other down!
I will keep you posted on the progress through out the next month.












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