Posted by: raedawnj | February 15, 2012

Texture On The Runway

My friend, Taren, who is a fabulous curly hair (and more) vlogger invited me to a great event on Saturday.

Taren was one of the host of Texture On The Runway. This event was held at The City Winery in Soho, NY. The event featured hair care companies that cater to curly/ natural hair. Also featured were hair care lines that will give every women who desires a bit of texture or curl the option to have just that!
Also show cased were hair styles made for the runway and also every day life. Some of the styles featured short hair cuts full of color and curls, long bouncy hair full of big curls, crimped Victorian inspired hair fused with modern touches.

The gift bag was chocked full of amazing hair care products like Arrojo, Biolage, Hair Rules, Minardi, and more!

Please check out Taren Guy’s youtube chanel!! Its great! And shout out to my ladies of Bella PR, who where there and representing for the show.

And remember to celebrate your curls!!!!











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