Posted by: raedawnj | December 8, 2011

Fixing Broken Powder

Hi all,

Sooo I came across this blog Katrina Lomidze. And on her blog I found a great tip that Katrina posted back in 2009.

This is so great I had to share again with people who don’t already know about this great money saver!

We have all had this happen, we go to open our bronzers, pressed powders, blushes, eyeshadows and to our surprise our precious makeup is in pieces. Yes BROKEN!! And sometimes its a brand new just purchased powder or we’ve had it for a minute but we are tight on money and really can’t spend the $20, $30, sometimes more, that it cost to get another! So what do you do?! Do you throw it away? Well I do because I don’t have time to deal with a mess, plus the product doesn’t go on your face correctly when it’s in little pieces.

Well folks here is the solution!!!


As you see here I have the very last bits of my NARS bronzer, this broke a WHILE ago and I refused to throw it away lol. Well everything happens for a reason! This is not a cheap product, so when I cam across Katrina’s blog I ran to get my broken bronzer and decided to try to bring it back to life, HA!


You need a FEW drops of the rubbing alcohol, the higher the alcohol content the faster it dries. I used 91%, because that’s what I had in my house. But at any rate, you have to leave the product over night to completely dry. And for all you worrying about the alcohol in the product, don’t worry your pretty little heads, it won’t dry your skin out because alcohol absorbs and evaporates quickly.

Now YOU try!

Here are the simple steps:

  • Add a FEW drops of alcohol to your broken powder(s)
  • The alcohol will seep into the product and become soft and mushy
  • Now smudge the soft product around, it will become like a paste, reform it by smoothing it out, you can do this with your finger or like me use a q-tip.
  • Now you want to smooth out the surface, you can use a spoon to do this, remember it may not look perfect, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work well because esthetically it’s not “pretty”
  • Now let it sit and dry over night, keep the case open so the air hits the product

Products needed


After alcohol and smoothing...Doesn't look very pretty


And just like that I have my bronzer ready to use!!!

Can you believe out of those itty bitty crumbs I got almost a whole new bronzer!!

Thanks Katrina Lomidze for the awesome tip!!!

Now get to fixing and keeping that money in your pocket(or spend on something else) HA!



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