Posted by: raedawnj | December 6, 2011


Pride is a magazine based in the UK. PRIDE “has been the lifestyle bible of woman of color for nearly two decades. Pride is unique, blending multiculturalism with modern UK living. Pride is the face of black Britain.

During my trip to South Africa I had the opportunity to do both hair & makeup for a photo shoot in Johannesburg. This photo shoot has landed in Pride magazine. I’m very proud and excited for you all to see the work. This was not an easy breezy environment to work in, the shoot started at 5am and ended around 6pm. We went through many clothes, hair, and makeup changes on set at the Johannesburg mine dumps. The ground was very moist, so we were all dirty and sinking into the ground lol. This was guerrilla style hahaha! But the end result was all worth it in the end!!Its not always so glamorous and fabulous…

This layout focuses on embracing the up-coming Holiday party season with deliciously luxurious metallic, chiffon and feathered separates.

Take a look:


  1. Her skin looks so flawless and beautiful. She has the most gorgeous skintone and the sunlight hits it just right on that one pic! U guys rocked this! Love it!!!

    • Ah Thanks Althea! She has great skin and I added my extra touch 🙂

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