Posted by: raedawnj | September 25, 2011

Sephora’s New Look

The Sephora in the meat-packing district is pretty cool I must say. And how perfect is this location. Located right near all the hot restaurants, bars, and clubs. So if you are ever in need of a quick fix Sephora will be there to save you.

The displays are clean and neat. When you decide on what product you want, you just slide the draws open and take you product. And when you are in a rush, the artist at Sephora have the ability to use an iPhone to ring you up and then you are out the door. Just like at the Apple Store hahaha. There are also cool digital displays thorough out the store. A complete lash bar with all kinds of fun styles.

This Sephora also carries some cool cosmetic lines that the other stores don’t have, like Ellias Faas. The packaging for this line is pretty cool, silver tubes that look like pens. They carry creme eyeshadows with matching mascara on the other end. This line also carries lip glosses . Another line is Kho Gen Do, a line specifically designed for HD television. And the other exclusive line is Ultra Flesh.

Stop by when you are in the area.



  1. I would KILL for a Sephora like this!!!!!

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