Posted by: raedawnj | September 12, 2011

Lost World- Mychael Knight

Saturday September 10th was designer Mychael Knight’s fashion show, former Project Runway contestant. The theme was “Lost World,” the stage and lighting were perfect, recreating a Jurassic Park look to the runway, minus the dinosaurs. So COOL!

The key makeup artist for the show was Day Hill. She created the look that was meant to be androgynous, meaning having characteristics of both male and female, neither specifically masculine or feminine. Smoky eyes with shades of green and bronze on the top and bottom lid, The hair w pale skin, a defined cheek bone, and nude lip. The hair was just as amazing! The stylist created this volume at the top of the scalp, then created this braid at the top of the head, and pulled the hair back into a loose bone straight pony tail. I will try and recreate that look one day, lol….

The clothes were bright in color and had some pieces had some interesting detail to them. A few of the models to walk the runway where familiar faces, super model Jessica White, Top Model winner Dani Evans, and Top Model Nik Pace. All models were casted by my dear friend Claudia Jean.

In attendance where Sherri Shepard, rapper Olivia, rapper Trina, singer Mashonda, and reality show stars from Basketball Wives.

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