Posted by: raedawnj | September 12, 2011

Falguni Shane Peacock NYFW

Fashion week kicked off for me last Friday. I did makeup for designer Falguni Shane Peacock. These two designers dresses celebs like J.Lo, Rhianna, and Kelly Roland just to name a few. Using feathers, sequins, and prints is what makes their designs so unique.

Makeup artist Kevin James Bennett was the key artist for the show and I was one of the artist on the team. The look was a gold bronze smoky eye, with makeup provided Mehron. With a defined hard  line in the corner of the eye and soft edges brought into the brow bone, strip lashes,  soft orange/pink blush, and a nude lip, this look topped off with the hair helped bring the runway look together.

The hair had its own story to tell. All the models had their hair slicked down and then wrapped around their heads. To add to it each model had a head scarf wrapped around their hairline and then gold/black bobby pins were lined up in about 2 rows on each models head. Pretty cool looking I thought…

The other cool element to the show was new rock artist Porcelain Black. I freaking LOVE her song “This Is What Rock And Roll Looks Like”. She was the last to walk the run way with a top by the designers and beautiful knee highs that were actually painted on by body painter Jinny.

Some cool people in attendance were LaLa Vaquez, and Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers even interviewed me backstage! I was so excited to be talking to Joan!

Take a look at the pictures from behind the scenes and the actual show.

Check out pictures from the show that happened at Lincoln Center

Kevin going over the look with all the artist

This is right behind the stage, chaos before the show begins lol

Porcelain Black

Jinny creating wearable art

Makeup by Raedawn J

Makeup by Raedawn J

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