Posted by: raedawnj | May 24, 2011

Summer Summer Summer Time

Summer is baaack! This happens to be one of my favorite seasons, warm weather makes me feel great!

I know some of us don’t like the warmer season because it means sweating ! But don’t fret, I have a few solutions that I think will save you ladies and gents this summer. That’s right I have a few tips for men as well….


1.DON’T skip moisturizer, it’s still important to give your skin hydration even in the hot summer sun. Use an OIL FREE moisturizer. Try Anthony (Logistics For Men) and it has an SPF in it as well.

another great option to cut down on shine for men

2. Peter Roth ANTI-SHINE MATTIFYING GEL– I use this on all my male clients like, Russel Simmons and Kanye West. A little goes along way. This product is especially good for men who have bald heads and high shine. The price is $35, I know it’s a bit pricey but it’s so worth the money!


1.Less is more in the summer months. But that doesn’t mean to skip makeup all together. You can use a tinted moisturizer during the day. Be sure to use a mattifying primer, ( primer SHOULD be used ALL summer long) that keeps makeup locked in place!


SECRET TIPLiquid Milk of Magnesia(as primer) helps for VERY oily skin. ( you must rub it into the skin and you can skip using powder after makeup application because this will cause a chalky look) Try Milk of Magnesia and let me know what you think ladies 😉

2. Foundation- In the summer I always love MAC body and face foundation, because its build-able.

***Remember your face gets darker in the summer so you will need to switch from your winter color

3. I live and die for Urban Decay  Makeup Setting Sprays- they have 3 different formulas for the sprays. They ALL work!! So for summer months De-slick oil control makeup setting spray.  I also LOVE their eyeshadow primer try original( works on ALL skin colors)

4. ALWAYS use a water proof mascara. Nothing is worse than having mascara all over your eyes.

5.Bronzer makes us all look gorgeous. So go out and get a bronzer!

6. Don’t be afraid to try vibrant colors on your lips or eyes. Its summer, have fun!

Enjoy your summer!!!



  1. great tips!

  2. I love the MoM ideal and the insights about how to make your face look gorgeous! Also good stuff about men.

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