Posted by: raedawnj | March 17, 2011

Japanese Makeup Artist Friends


J-ho and Raedawn J

I recently took part in a program that DEX Studios puts together for new makeup artist. The class took place March 8th and 9th. The students were from Tokyo, Japan. These girls were so full of life, love, and creativity. I was 1 of about 9/12 asked to join the class to be a live model, so the girls could learn how to create avant guarde makeup looks. The communication between models and students was a little hard because the Japanese artist spoke very little English. But one thing we all could understand was their love and passion for becoming a makeup artist.

I was paired with student J-Ho. J-Ho was such a sweet soul. Through out the two day workshop I really saw how artistic she really was, she jumped right into the workshop with confidence and a smile! And although J-Ho didn’t speak much English, we were still able to understand each other through our hearts. By the end of the workshop J-Ho told me she loved me, and I told her I loved her back. She warmed my heart!

The workshop ended last Wednesday. I’m not sure when the girls left to go back home to Japan. But as we all know Japan has had a horrific natural disaster turn their world upside down! Well, through twitter I was able to connect with J-Ho! She told me her and her family were okay! The only thing she feared were the constant after shocks that the country is experiencing.  I will do whatever I can to help Japan and my friend J-Ho.

Thank you DEX Studios for allowing me to take part in a wonderful program! Thank you J-Ho for touching my heart!

J-Ho on twitter: @ chi_chan0413


J-Ho posing for the camera

Models & Students

Raedawn j rocking her avant guard makeup look created by J-HO

Student working on her model


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