Posted by: raedawnj | February 25, 2011

The makings of a photoshoot

So far this year has been jam-packed for me, working on various photo shoots.  So much goes into making/creating a great image. There is a whole team behind putting together a flawless picture.  Besides the obvious team players of the photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, manicurist, and clothing stylist. There are also assistants, assistants play a major role. Assistants for  hair, makeup, stylist, photographer, photo editing, lighting, and more are sometimes necessary to help things run smoothly while on set.

I wanted to share with you pictures from a few shoots. Pictures of what goes on before and during a photo shoot. I will have finished photos from each shoot on my web site, Raedawnj, soon!



Model Renata and Stylist Omar

Raedawn J doing touch ups

Hair Stylist Kimmie doing touch ups on set

Renata working the camera

Sports Illustrated model, Kate-Bare Neccesities Shoot

In the makeup room-Shoot for an LG commercial

On Set for LG commercial

Model in the makeup chair for Focus 2000 lookbook

On set for focus 2000 shoot

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