Posted by: raedawnj | February 17, 2011

Access Has Been Granted- Back Stage

Saturday February 12th was the Toni Francesc show. Mehron’s makeup team and Salerm hair team created the look for Toni’s show. The look for the models was a modern-day interpretation of the legendary Phoenix – a bird with red plumage that is said to burn in its flames and rise from its own ashes every 500 years.

Ever wonder what goes on under the tents at fashion week before the actual show begins? Here is a little peak inside the world of the much loved chaos this past Saturday.  Makeup and Hair’s call time was 6pm and the show started at 9pm. There were about 16/17 female models who had to have hair and makeup done. This process isn’t always a smooth one due to the fact that many models are coming from other shows they just worked. So when the sit in our chairs they have makeup and hair from a previous show. This can sometimes be time-consuming because we don’t have much time to get these models ready. But hair and makeup always manage to get the job done and do it well!

Enjoy all the back stage and main stage pictures hours before the show began.

Entrance into our world

Every show Toni always comes around to greet everyone working backstage

Raedawn J's makeup station

Discussion before the show

Gift Bag

Before the seats are filled with fashion guru's

The naked lonely stage

The final look with hair and makep


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