Posted by: raedawnj | December 7, 2010

Being GQ Perfect For The Holidays

Gentlemen, I recently did male grooming for 3 GQ models and GQ’s spokesman Brett Fahlgren. The reason for the grooming was because Brett was talking about new and old style tips for dressing the part for any holiday occasion.

Being GQ Perfect for the Holidays

1.     The Right Scent: Others should be able to smell your cologne when you are nearby, not when you walk into a room. Spraying fragrance onto your index finger and dabbing it on your neck helps avoid putting on too much. Example gift: One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

2.     The Perfect Accessories (tie clips, pocket squares, bags)

  • A classic silver tie clip adds a level of cool sophistication to your look and is the ideal match for a dark and dressy suit.
  • A pocket square adds the perfect finishing touch. It should be folded neatly with just the edge showing, not puffing upwards like feathers.
  • Why clumsily carry things in your hand when you can conceal them in a sleekly designed bag? With a nod to tradition, it shows not only your serious, professional side, but your stylish one as well.

3.     Instead of Formalwear, Go Dark and Dressy this Holiday Season: It’s ok to wear to jeans on dressier occasions, just make sure they’re dark wash and have no distressing.  If a black-tie event does come up this season, try pairing your bow tie with a point collar dress shirt instead of a raised collar tuxedo shirt. Tip: perfect your knot by practicing on your thigh. Example gift: Dark-wash jeans. Visual: example of white shirt and bow tie on mannequin.

4.     Outerwear: The Overcoat: When adding an outerwear layer to your look you don’t have to sacrifice style. Pick an overcoat that fits precisely and has just enough room underneath for a suit. Make sure it’s not too long, ¾ length at the most. Example gift: Navy Fitted Top Coat

3 Essential Holiday Looks for the Modern Gentleman: The Office Party, Home for the Holidays, & Ringing in the New Year

The Holiday Office Party: Leave your suit and tie at home, it’s a party after all. But the boss will be there, so wear with a versatile sports jacket that strikes just the right chord.

The look: Banana Republic Gray sports jacket, light blue dress shirt, solid navy tie, dark Calvin Klein jeans, Clarks desert boots

Home for the Holidays: Travel well, pack items that can be layered together for a variety of looks. Comfort is key, whether your swigging eggnog, sledding, or getting caught under the mistletoe.

The look: Banana Republic Fair Isle Sweater, J.Crew white button down dress shirt, Tommy Hilfiger brown tweed trousers, Tommy Hilfiger lace up weekend boots

Ringing in the New Year: Timeless and classic, a great fitting suit is a modern and sharp alternative to a tuxedo.

The look: Armani Exchange Black 1Button suit jacket and matching trousers, Banana Republic dress shirt, Prada black tie, tie clip and white pocket square, black lace up dress shoes


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