Posted by: raedawnj | August 26, 2010


I love what I do! I get to attend so many fabulous events. Yesterday evening, August 25, 2010 I attended the Makeup Forever Pro Social. MUFE debuted their brand new line of lipsticks “Rouge Artist Intense”. A collection with 50 pigmented shades ranging from pearly to matte.

As always I was in a magical room filled with all my makeup friends and colleagues. I call the room magical because the room was filled with sooo many creative unique minds!

While I was in MUFE I came across their product “Aqua Cream”, it is a water proof cream color. And let me tell you this product is AMAZING!!!! I’m sooo mad I didn’t try this product sooner!! This cream when I say does NOT move, it does NOT move!!! This cream is the answer to wearing make up in extreme weather conditions!! The Aqua Cream comes in 22 shades. Check these out for yourself! You will NOT be disappointed!

Be sure to stop by the Make Up Forever Studio: 8 East 12th Street, New York, NY (between 5th Ave and University Place).

New Lip Stick shades

New Lip Glosses

Demonstration of look done here



  1. OMG I was just at Sephora yesterday looking through the Make up For Ever area (of course because you told me to =] ) and I tried out the Pearly #14 which was a purple with a hint of Lavender and the Satin #49 which is darker solid purple. I loved them but I think that with my hair color it doesn’t work well. However, I found one under the Sephora Brand called “Crush” and its like a Berry Wine color lipstick. I love it and I am not knocking anything from Make Up For Ever. Like you said they are the best when it comes to everything Waterproof + More! ;]

    You are the Bestest!
    CanDy J.

    • Candy my dear I’m so glad you found something that works for you! And whenever you have the chance pick up some MUFE products! XOXO

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