Posted by: raedawnj | August 18, 2010

One FAB Evening

The FAB Network stands for: Fashion Arts Beauty. Its mission is “dedicated to fostering career and social opportunities for young adults to help build and enhance their careers in the worlds of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and related industries” and they also provide “engaging and creative career development services and exclusive industry knowledge that educates and prepares individuals to succeed, both professionally and personally”.

Well FAB, and its founder, the beautiful Jessica Styles celebrated its one year anniversary yesterday evening at La Pomme New York, an art deco and very fashionable night club. The event was everything I’d thought it would be, very informative and full of beautiful hard-working career driven individuals!

Keynote speaker was the amazing Keith Campbell, hairstylist to the stars. I unfortunately arrived late and missed his speech 😦 , but I heard he gave out a lot of great information on getting started in the hair biz and continuing to grow while in it. There was also a panel of amazing woman in all areas of the industry. Panel consisted of  a metal couture jewelry designer(Laurel DeWitt), boutique owner (Stephanie Tramontozzi), senior chemist for Loreal cosmetics (Michelle Miller), and an independent textile artist (Hillary Flowers) !! Amazing!!  The diversity of the arts is such a beautiful thing! These 4 woman answered many questions, and gave a lot of insight into the business of FAB and how anyone can get started! There was also a performance by singer Stefani Vara, she performed her new single “Middle of The Night”.

The entire event was amazing! My hat goes off to the lovely Jessica Styles! Great job putting this all together and making it one FAB evening!!!

Please be sure to check out pics from the event and to stop by FAB

Founder & Coach Jessica Styles



  1. Aw you have a pic with my girls!
    i heard good things about the event. You + J look great!

    • Thanks Jessica!! I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you!

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