Posted by: raedawnj | August 9, 2010

LaurelLuxe & Luxe Hour

I was recently invited to be on the radio show the Luxe Hour I got to chat with the lovely ladies Ms. Laurel Luxe herself and Ms. Candy J along with Dj Ric Roc.

First let me tell you a little bit about Laurel Luxe! She is an ultra talented amazing designer of metal couture body jewelry! Wearable pieces that can be worn on clothes, hands, you name it she makes it!! You have to check it out with your own eyes!! Her eye-catching pieces have been on countless celebrities and  magazines!! Take a look! LaureLuxe

Now back to the radio show! …I was on for an hour chatting about beauty and grooming for men and woman. A few laughs about others things were thrown in through out the show, but it spiced things up! I gave a lot of cool tips along with “What The Luxe Is That”… “What The Luxe Is That” is were you discuss the crazy things people, do , say, wear, etc…

I really enjoyed my time on the show and hope to be back again to chat it up with the ladies at Luxe Hour.

You can listen to The Luxe Hour every Friday from 12pm-1pm at . And follower the ladies of Luxe Hour on Twitter : LauraLuxe and Candy J

And the awesome DJRicRoc

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