Posted by: raedawnj | August 5, 2010

Stop Aging, Start Living

I know I left you all hanging again!! My apologies! Summer is flying by and I have so much going on! But I love all the chaos! LOL…

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of being invited to a wonderful beauty event at the Metropolitan Club. Not just any beauty event either, this event covered skin care and taking care of your beauty from within. Taking care of the inner you  is what is most important. Dr. Graf(dermatologist) was the guest speak with her wonderful book in tow to sign and give out to all attendees! There were so many beautiful familiar faces and plenty of new faces I got to know!

Dr. Graf’s book is titled “Stop Aging, Start Living: The Revolutionary 2- Week pH Diet”!! I can not wait to read this book! Dr. Graf emphazied how important it is to have a HEALTHY pH balance. Why? Because we all want to have beautiful skin right?! Well then… She handed out these pH  kits, kits that have these pH indicator strips in them. You put the strip on your tongue to see what level pH you have. Well,  the healthy pH is 7.5. Mine was between 7.5 and 8!!

The way to a healthy pH balance is Alkaline. The way to get more Alkaline in your body is by drinking lots of water! Even adding lemon or lime to the water increases the Alkaline. Get rid of the soda and refined sugars!! Even honey that we have in our cabinets which pour out like sugar are not very healthy. Honey that you can scoop out of jar is best.

This is just a little snippet of some great information! If you’d like to know how to jump-start your way to  healthy pH balance, then get your book today!!!

I’d like to thank Genevieve A. Santos and Karen Oliver for inviting me to this special event!

If you have any questions twitter them

Take a look at the pics and all the great people who were in attendance:

Raedawn J & the wonderful Adina of Krasey Beauty

Shayna of "The Diva Lounge"


  1. Great! I am rushing to drink pots of water!


    • Yes!!!! Do it, do it!!!! It’s the best thing for you!!! Stay in good health! XO

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