Posted by: raedawnj | April 28, 2010

Charles Porter

I am dedicating this blog to one of my dear friends Charles Porter…or Chuck as many of his friends like to call him 🙂 Now I know you all don’t know my friend but I do know that when someone is in need of help, it is or should be in our nature to lend a helping hand. A helping hand is in order right now!!!

Charles is a charismatic fun-loving guy, and let me also mention a wonderful talented actor! But life tends to throw us all curve balls, and its no different for Charles. He has just been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the disease has progressed to Stage 4! Charles is in for the fight of his life right now! And I’m asking for help in any way shape or form! Please take a second to visit and help support Charles in his mission to fight cancer. I am going to help my friend fight this!! I ask for your help also!

Please email Team Porter at with any questions, support or fund-raising suggestions and we will get back to you immediately. There is also a forum for discussion on the website  as well as a blog where Charles will chart his progress en route to victory!


  1. OMG! I cried when I seen the video on bossip. I feel like you are a family member and we are going through this together. I am sorry this happen to you and I look forward to and update stating that you are better and in remission. Keep your head up. And I am keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story and keeping Charles in your prayers! I will be sure Charles gets this.
    You can view Charles progress on the site

  3. Just want you to know you’re in my prayers. My brother, Eric and good friend, Derrick, both recovered from Hodgkins lymphoma and to look at them today, you could never tell what they went through. I’m looking forward to the same thing happening with to you. You are in my prayers.


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