Posted by: raedawnj | April 9, 2010

Love King Remix-Sneak peek

I was key makeup artist for The Dream’s new music video “Love King” Remix featuring Ludacris. Can I just mention that I LOVE Ludacris! I think he is one of the best rappers and he is so humble and just a cool dude!I heart LUDA!

Now the overall makeup look was a little more on the Avant Garde side. With the help of my ultra talented assistant Melvin Willis we created some very fun, unique looks for this video.

To achieve the Avant Garde look I used a lot of Mehron Paradise products and Detailz. Paradise is water activated and full of pigment. Once applied and dry, color last all day and doesn’t move on the skin! Detailz are colored liquid liner. They come in an array of colors. Detailz give me precision when I need to work on drawing small or specific things.

I am putting a few pictures up to give you a sneak peek of what to expect when you see this video! This is going to be a hit for sure! Be on the look out for this hit!



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