Posted by: raedawnj | March 24, 2010

Atelier Minyon

Atelier Minyon is hand-made jewelry with Turkish roots. My friend Alp is the owner of Atelier Minyon, and he is also the creator of all the wonderful unique jewelry pieces. Each piece can take up to 3 weeks to finish. Designs range from precious gems to art pieces for your neck, fingers, hands, wrist, and so much more.

Atelier Minyon jewelry pieces are definite conversation starters! You can get one of a kind pieces made here! Atelier Minyon have been all over the press and is quickly making a name here in the US.

There is now an Atelier Minyon flagship boutique located on Spring street in SOHO, New York City. The boutique reflects the turkish culture where everything is crafted by hand and beautifully layed out. So if you are ever in NYC stop by the boutique and let me know what you think!

Check out some pieces from Atelier Minyon’s New Collection




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