Posted by: raedawnj | March 2, 2010

Hair Bling

I just came back from the LA Makeup show. I worked with Mehron cosmetics but had the chance to check out so many cool things at the show. Hair bling was one of the hot things going on at the show. Beyonce was one of the first to introduce to hair bling. She was rocking metallic silver bling in her hair for the Grammy’s.

, company known for airbrushing and hair styling, were creating a buzz through out the show. The Dinair booth at the show was packed with women wanting to get blinged out.  And I had the chance to try out the hair bling. I love it, I received so many comments.

Its simple strands of shiny colored tinsels that are tied into a few strands of hair. You can style your hair like normal. Washing, blow drying, flat ironing, whatever your normal routine is can still be done while the bling is in your hair! The hair bling eventually falls out with the natural shedding of your hair. It’s inexpensive and fun to do! If you want to be a show stopper then check out hair bling!

Here are a few websites that sell hair bling:



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  3. Bling Highlights offers 43 colors!
    $4.95+free shipping

  4. Love the new hair bling. We like to get ours at they have 20 sparkle colors to choose from.

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