Posted by: raedawnj | February 2, 2010

Lash Talk

Let’s face it ladies not all of us are blessed to have a set of long, full, voluminous lashes. Not to worry, that’s when you can turn to false lashes!

False lashes are great because it really pulls your whole look together. Lashes range in size, style, and color.

The type of lash you want depends on the look you want. There are natural looking lashes, dramatic lashes, individual lashes, and half lashes. I like to buy Ardell lashes. You can find these in any drug store and they range in price from $2.99-$4.99

When applying lashes be sure to measure the lash to your eye, if to long cut where necessary. When applying the lashes be sure to use Duo  glue in black ( you can find this in any drug store). I like using the black Duo glue because when wearing black eyeliner the glue blends right into the lash line. Apply a thin layer and allow the glue to get tacky for 30 seconds. Apply the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible. Let glue dry, then apply black liner to your eyelid( I prefer liquid liner) then a coat of mascara (not too much).

And remember your lashes are reusable, just be sure to remove them from your eye gently, then take a q-tip with a little makeup remover and run it along the lashes to remove excess glue. Put the lashes back in the case they came in until your next fabulous outing!

Ardell half lash

I like to use half lashes # 301 for the day time, it gives just enough drama without being over powering in the day light.

#110 Ardell lashes

#110 lashes are great if you’ve never worn lashes before. These work on any eye shape.

#111 Ardell lashes

I love to use these #111 lashes on woman with beautiful big eyes. These really make the eyes pop.

Duo lash glue in black


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