Posted by: raedawnj | January 29, 2010

Fashion Week 2010

It’s that time of year again…Fashion Week is upon us. This February in NYC the trends for fall 2010 will emerge.

Behind the scenes is very hectic. Hair stylist and makeup artist are all working together  to make the designers vision come alive. After the designer dresses each model they all line up in their assigned order ready to strut the runway. The lights in the tent turn on to showcase another season of fabulous designs.

I will be head makeup artist for 2 shows this season, but I don’t make the models beautiful on my own. I have a team of fabulous artist who come together about five hours before the show. We go over the desired makeup look for all the models. We then set up each of our makeup stations with all of our products. As  the models trickle in we began their transformation.

The makeup and hair process is not always an easy one. Since the models are working shows all day they sometimes come in with hair and makeup from a previous show. So having to take off the makeup and change the hair style can be very time-consuming.

Cameras are flashing backstage. A ton of press comes around to interview you and take pictures of you and the work that you’re doing. This is how the future makeup tips get to the masses.

After the show ends everyone claps and congratulates the designer. Then we all pack up and leave the tents.

Although a lot goes on backstage,  its great to see everything all come together in the end. Stay tuned to see all the great fashions of 2010.


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