Posted by: raedawnj | January 17, 2010

67th Annual Golden Globes

I don’t know about you but I’m excited, because tonight the Golden Globe Awards are on! The Golden Globes are where all your favorite film & television stars come together for one fantastic evening. I love awards shows because this is when makeup artist and hairstylist will see their work all over the television and in the magazines for days and weeks to come! As a makeup artist I love making woman feel and look beautiful for the red carpet! I love being a part of the transforming process from natural beauty to a red carpet scarlet…

Which one of your favorite celebrities will you be looking for, who do you think will bring the most glitz and glamour? Well, there is a new award being presented by Fashion Stylist Rachel Zoe. She will be presenting the Fashion Iconic Award. And YOU have control over who will win this award. YOU can vote! The only place to vote is on Rachel Zoe’s Facebook page. So go and vote!

Who do you think will take home a Golden Globe tonight? Well tune in tonight 7pm on NBC


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    More on the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards at:

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