Posted by: raedawnj | November 19, 2009


These past two days I have dedicated to spot lighting two cosmetic companies who have now come to the states! I’m spot lighting them because I feel like they are the next big names in makeup!

I know it can seem overwhelming at times to try and keep up with all the makeup lines out there. But it is always worth it to try out new things because you never know what you may fall in love with…

IGLOT is a makeup company from Poland! My friend Brandalyn (thanks B!) was the one to introduce me to this line. IGLOT has a WIDE range of products to choose from. INGLOT has everything from nail polishes to lipsticks to eyelashes.

INGLOT has great packaging as well! LOL! Their palettes are stackable because they are magnetic. So traveling with these palettes are perfecto!

Unfortunately, as of right now INGLOT is not sold in stores. But if you are in NYC they have a beautiful boutique right in Times Square. Swing by and check out all the fab things inside!


1592 Broadway
New York, NY 10036-1526
(212) 247-8170



  1. Amy!! Thanks so much for supporting me! Miss you too!

  2. Love it!!! You rock girl (Brandy too)! I love reading your site so much. Miss you! 🙂

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