Posted by: raedawnj | August 28, 2009

The Must Have In Your Makeup Bag!

I am excited to tell you about the sponge I saw at Sephora! It looks and feels just like “The Beauty Blender” or as my clients refer to it aka “The Egg” 🙂 The Beauty Blender sponge is one of my favorite makeup tools!

I love The Beauty Blender sponge because it makes foundation application flawless! This sponge last a long time, all you have to do is wash it out after each use. I have to have at least 2 of these sponges in my kit at a time…lol

I have not used this Sephora sponge, but the texture and size is very similar to The Beauty Blender. And even better, for all those on a budget, the sephora sponge is $12 compared to the $19 for The Beauty Blender! So if you are ready to modernize the way you do makeup, then you MUST pick up either the Sephora sponge or The Beauty Blender today!

Please give me your feed back on this sponge once you have tried it! I think I will go back to Sephora to pick one up and definitely compare the two sponges.

The Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender



  1. Lol…yes girl! I’ve hooked a lot of makeup artist onto the beauty blender 🙂

  2. Ok….I am gonna try it. I know you have been raving about it

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