Posted by: raedawnj | August 18, 2009

No Raccoon Eyes Here!

My favorite mascara is a drug store brand! It is L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara Carbon Black! I love this Mascara because it goes on very dark and gives lots of drama! Eyes are always my favorite feature on a woman. I love to make the eyes the focal point when doing makeup. Lashes play a big role, making them look long, and voluminous gives the much-needed drama for great eyes.

I kept searching for Carbon Black Mascara in waterproof. I love waterproof mascara for brides, and also for these hot sweltering summer days, when almost all makeup is hard to keep in tact. But for months I was unsuccessful in finding my favorite mascara in waterproof. Well yesterday I went into Duane Reade to stock up on a few supplies for my kit when I saw it!!! I saw Voluminous Carbon Black in waterproof, yayyyy!

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black is only about $7. Compare it to Christian Dior  DiorShow, which is priced at about $22. I used to use and love DiorShow, but why pay $22 for mascara when you can pay $7 for one that gets the job done just the same if not BETTER! But hey, if you choose to use $22 mascara, I’m not knocking you!

Pick up a tube today! And remember DO NOT pump the wand into the tube, because it will dry out your mascara! Instead, if your goal is getting more product out, try maneuvering or wiggling the wand around inside the tube.


Carbon Black

Carbon Black

Christian Dior DiorShow

Christian Dior DiorShow


  1. LOL…Great minds ALWAYS think alike! 🙂 Let me know what you think!

  2. lol, that is the exact mascara I use! In black noir though. I’ll try carbon black next time.

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