Posted by: raedawnj | August 9, 2009

Glam Face

I’ve decided to start showcasing the “Glam Face” of the week. The Glam Face of the week goes to Kim Kardashian. She was at the Teen Choice Awards on August 9th showing off a new look. Her flawless makeup and new blond hair are totally working for her!

I must say I Love Kim’s natural black hair color, but I think the blond is a nice change. And given her break up with Reggie Bush, a definite change was in order. That is what we woman tend to do when we go through break ups. We tend to want to reinvent ourselves.

Let me know your thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s new hair color. Do you like it, love it, or hate it?



  1. I agree she does favor J.lo. I love your website girl!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thank you Fallon 🙂 Yeah she actually does favor J.Lo a little bit…

  3. Love Kim’s new look… although I agree I like her better as a brunette, but this is a nice change.

    She actually looks a lot like J Lo with the blond hair.

    Love your blog by the way =)

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