Posted by: raedawnj | July 23, 2009

Bald & Beautiful

So there is A LOT of talk about the newest trend… The hair trend of the pixie cut, shaving one side of the head, or just completely going BALD! Female celebrities like Amber Rose, Cassie, LaLa, Ciara, and now Solange are some of the few following or shall I say setting this trend. Are these ladies sick of dealing with their long locks in this summer heat? Or could it be something else? I’m not sure what it is, but what I am certain of is not all hair styles are for everyone!

Going totally bald is a beautiful thing! Especially if you have the features and confidence to pull it off! I personally feel like Solange went way to far with this one! I don’t think this is fitting for her at all! Now had she went with more of a pixie style that may have worked better.  And the whole shaving one side of your hair, I can NEVER come to terms with…And Ciara’s style I like, but I think it makes her look a lot older…

Ladies when you cut your hair short be prepared to look a few years older then what you are, and remember to wear your style with confidence! But please cut your hair only because you want too and not because of some crazy trend that Hollywood has put in front of us.



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