Posted by: raedawnj | July 15, 2009

Make up to Break up

Okay ladies it is time to let go of makeup that doesn’t do anything for your face! Let’s be done with unflattering makeup and break up already!! Makeup is meant to enhance your beautiful face not take away from it! NO more covering Freckles! Freckles are BEAUTIFUL, so show them off! Lets emphasize your best facial features, get out of the same old rut and venture out! … If you have dark eyes make them  POP!  Alicia Keys is wearing blue in a way that is great day or night…Try Urban Decay Deviant

or MAC Blooz for a darker blue! And NO making your face so matte you look like a doll…No one’s face is naturally matte…It doesn’t look pretty, soft, or natural…A lil matte is okay…but please don’t over to it! XOXO


  1. Gotta love Alicia!

  2. Alicia Keys is amazing…her glow is radiat!

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